We're proud to offer a variety of personal training to meet your lifestyle. From one-on-one and small group training, to coaching young athletes to seniors, we customize our training to fit your needs.


Private Training

One on one coaching for toning, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, balance and sport-specific goals. Sessions are 30 minutes in duration and may be booked for additional increments if desired.


Small Group Training

Small Group Training is guaranteed to make you sweat and to make your body fit and functional. This is a training program that integrates balance, full body strength, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, flexibility, and more. Come spend 45 minutes with a workout that will increase your fitness level, meet your lifestyle goals, and develop your body to meet the demands of life and sport.


Pilates Mat and Reformer

With the assistance of a personal trainer, you can develop core strength, improve range of motion, gain flexibility, increase balance, optimize performance and cross-train to develop superior muscle power. Using the Pilates Reformer will utilize the use of breath to promote mental focusing and centering as well as mental focus to improve movement, efficiently and muscle control.


Young Athletes

Young Athlete Conditioning teaches the foundational components of athleticism; balance, agility, quickness, core stability, posture, reactivity and strength, through a fun, dynamic and motivating training environment. The program will use fun and challenging drills to help focus on developing movement not muscle.

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Online Coaching

No time to come to the gym? We can get you in shape with our online coaching programs, which are packed with motivation, nutritional information, recipes, and a fitness workout you can do right in your own home. Click here for a sneak peek.



Want to try aerial yoga but you find a group class intimidating? We offer private classes! Come by yourself or grab a few friends to fly with.