What Our Clients Are Saying...


"I have been training with the Workout 32789 Team for a long time.They are more than just a group of folks who"train" you. You are "Coached" on the best things to do for your bodies, minds, and souls. The team stays current with best practices in the field. You are part of the Workout 32789 family. There is no other place I would train!" -Sharon


"Physically I have more definition, I have lost weight and my energy is up.  Mentally I have more mental endurance and my focus is better. And, I love it all...floor work with Judi and Diane, Reformer with Chris and definitely the rope climb!" -Anna


"You are such an awesome coach, Judi, and perhaps the only person in the world who is able to get folks like me excited by the produce department in Publix or Trader Joes!! Throughout the challenge, you have been enthusiastic, positive and encouraging, and boy is that contagious. I love your recipes and cooking videos--they inspire me to try new, healthy recipes at home because you make them seem doable and fun! Every time I participate in a challenge, I learn a little more and take a few more baby steps. Thanks for showing us even baby steps get us to the top of the hill." -Lynn


"I do love the accountability in this group. Staying connected to others working towards similar goals is inspiring! I also really love that recipes and workouts were shared. Because I struggle with time, as I try to keep all those plates spinning, the workouts you post have helped me rethink how I can get my workouts in during the week. Thank you for all you do!!!" -Dina


"Thank you to this group for helping me find my stride and begin the process of become "me" again!  I have a long way to go but am so happy to have begun the process! You women are all wonderful and hope everyone is able to keep on their journey!  And I lost 9 pounds so far!" -Julie


"I woke up this morning feeling so good about what I have done in the past few weeks.  I cannot thank you enough for your constant support, guidance and encouragement.  Not just the last two weeks but the last four years.  I am one blessed woman to have you in my life as coach and friend."- Tish