We offer ongoing classes on a regular basis.


Men's Bootcamp

An intense interval workout that combines cardio vascular exercises, weight training, and core strengthening all before the sun comes up! First thing in the morning, these guys are working hard and sweating their butts off, whether it’s flipping tires, boxing, pushing the sled, or lifting weights! If you are looking to get in amazing shape and have a great time, then this is the class you have been waiting for!


Aerial yoga

A fun twist on yoga! The hammock provides extra support for traditional poses while giving you more freedom of movement that can result in a more fulfilling stretch than traditional yoga.  Its also great for stress relief, strengthening muscles, better focus and is a much needed compliment to any other fitness routine!  And it's fun!  Flips and Tricks, anyone?

Aerial might seem intimidating at first but it can be incredibly exciting and rewarding.  Our aerial instructors will instruct you on how to perform the poses properly, so injury is avoided.  In general the hammocks are only about 3 feet or so the risk of falling and injuring yourself is minimal.

No previous aerial, acrobatic or yoga experience is necessary.  Everyone can benefit from Aerial Yoga, however it is not recommended for anyone for whom hanging upside down could cause medical complications or discomfort, those who have cataracts, or are pregnant.  Please consult with your doctor and aerial yoga instructor before trying an aerial class.

We offer smaller more intimate classes to give you a more personal experience in a fun, nonjudgmental environment.


H.I.I.T. Classes

This fun and fast pace workout challenges the entire body by using High Intensity Interval Training, but don’t let the name scare you! This class is for most ages and all fitness levels! No routines here, this class changes every workout to keep your muscles guessing and your mind challenged. This class will be a combo of cardio and weights, finishing with core & stretching. Students will get their heart rate up while burning fat and gaining lean muscle. Minimum time-maximum results. Instructors will correct your form and encourage you while maintaining a fun and light atmosphere.