Winter Park's Premier Personal Training Center since 1988.

Workout 32789 is a boutique fitness studio that has been in Winter Park since 1988. We have no upfront fees or longterm contracts and depend solely on client satisfaction. As one of our clients, we strive to take you to your Optimal Generation Fitness Level (OGFL) because we recognize that fitness is not a "one size fits all" experience!

One on One Training


One on one coaching for toning, strength, cardiovascular conditioning, coordination, balance and sport-specific goals. 

Circuit Training

     Group       Classes

From boot camps to traditional circuit training in the gym. Co-ed, women-only, and men-only sessions are offered..


small group training

 Integrates balance, full body strength, core strength, stability, agility, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, and flexibility. 

Nutrition Coaching

A personalized focus on creating eating habits that will power you up while slimming you down to the be the very best you. 




Aerial Yoga is Yoga done using a hammock that is suspended from the ceiling.  The hammock provides extra support for traditional poses while giving you more freedom of movement that can result in a more fulfilling stretch than traditional yoga.  Its also great for stress relief, strengthening muscles, better focus and is a much needed compliment to any other fitness routine!  No previous Aerial, acrobatic or yoga experience is necessary.
We offer smaller more intimate classes to give you a more personal experience.

Centrally Located for Your Convenience

Train in our our studio or right at home through our online coaching.


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